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Dormer Construction

Enhancing Your Home with Style and Function

Dormer windows offer several benefits when added to a new home or as a renovation to an existing one. They bring a touch of class and distinction to your home’s appearance while maximizing attic space utilization. 

Moreover, dormer windows introduce additional natural light into your living space, further enhancing its appeal.

Factors to Consider When Adding Dormer Windows

  • Cost of Installation: The average cost of installing a dormer window is approximately $4,000. However, dormers increase the usable square footage of your home, making them a valuable investment when it comes to reselling.

  • Obtaining Permits: Dormer construction requires a building permit, which may take several weeks to months to acquire. The cost of these permits can range from $200 to several thousand dollars. As your trusted dormer construction company, Sollenne Homes will guide you through this process, providing valuable insights and support.

Exploring the Different Types of Dormer Windows

There is a variety of dormer window styles to choose from, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Gable Dormers: Featuring a triangular roof with equally pitched slopes, gable dormers provide a classic look.

  • Gambrel Dormers: Recognizable by their barn-like appearance, gambrel dormers have a gable at the roof’s peak that descends to two roof slopes.

  • Hip Dormers: With three roof planes that meet at the same point at the roof’s peak, hip dormers offer a sleek design.

  • Shed Dormers: Shed dormers have a roof plane that slopes in the same direction as the main roof, albeit at a shallower angle.

  • Eyebrow Dormers: Characterized by a gently curved wave that rises and descends over the window without vertical wall sides, eyebrow dormers add a touch of elegance to your home.

The Dormer Installation Process

During dormer installation, our primary goal is to minimize the time your roof remains exposed. The process begins with constructing trusses and rafters, then building the window’s exterior frame. 

Once the window is installed, any remaining gaps are covered with a vapor barrier to protect your home from the elements.

Expert Dormer Installation Services

Sollenne Homes is your reliable partner for exceptional dormer construction services that elevate your home’s style, value, and functionality. Our expert team will help you choose the perfect dormer style to complement your home while ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

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Poconos Dormers
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