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To sharpen up your front or back yard takes an eye that not many in the home building/remodeling industry have. Steve has acquired that skill through years of hard work, innovation and learning what works best. From design to execution, we can transform your yard into one of luxury and beauty using only the objects provided to us by nature. Unless, of course you would like to combine nature with the grit and ingenuity of technology. 

What Is Hardscaping?

When we talk about landscaping, people often think of a yard design based on the placement of flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and grass. But what about the hardscaping that completes the design? Hardscaping is an integral part of a beautiful yard, and it should be included in any backyard design.


So what’s a hardscape? The hardscaping in an outdoor space is the items placed there that are not living. They are the man-made elements that are the things that make the back or front yard more enjoyable and comfortable, or they offer protection from the elements.

Types of Hardscape Elements

Hardscaping is a component of the green space that should be carefully executed. It’s important to take time to design your hardscape to enhance the natural beauty of your landscaping. There are plenty of examples of hardscaping to choose from. For instance, any shelters like gazebos or pergolas fall under the category of hardscape. Driveways, stone paths, patios, decks and fences are also examples of hardscaping.


Many of the examples covered here are practical and necessary for your yard. However, we can create a design for you that includes the necessary items like fencing to mesh perfectly with your garden space. A fence doesn’t just have to serve as a protective barrier, but instead, it can be an integral part of your overall garden theme to offer security and style.

How Hardscaping Can Enhance Your Outdoor Living Areas


We can incorporate efficient and money-saving elements into your hardscape installations. Retaining walls make a great hardscape addition to any yard because they can be installed to divert the flow of rainwater, and they can be made to look at natural as possible. Solar lights are also a perfect way to light up your driveway while saving money and keeping people safe.


There are many decorative elements in hardscaping that will show your personal style. Water features are a wonderful way to turn your yard into a green getaway. The sound of water is naturally relaxing, and it helps to block the ambient noise. Well placed stones, statues and benches are design elements that are tasteful and will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor area.


If you can dream it, then we can build it. Bring us your bright ideas and we will design it and install your hardscaping for you. There’s nothing better than a lovely yard to spend time in, and hardscaping will add just the right look to your space.

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