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Finished Basements

Is your basement the last area in your home that needs to be finished? Sollenne Homes has the experience needed to make it happen. From partitioning it out into different rooms to completing the walls and floors, we pride ourselves with an attention to detail on projects big and small. When you choose Sollenne Homes, we will help to give you the extra living space while putting the finishing touches on your home.


Finished Basement Construction

Basements have so much potential to add to your home, even if they are a project waiting to be finished. Simply having a basement as part of your dwelling increases the property value if you ever decide to sell your house. And if your basement is finished and converted to living space, it will increase the value much more.

Benefits of Basement Construction

Basements are typically used as extra storage space for all of those things that you don’t use very often, like holiday decorations, baby clothes and extra furniture. They can be a great place to do building projects and hobbies too.


However, your basement has so much more to give. Finished basements can be used in many other ways as well as adding comfortable, inviting living space to your residence. One excellent way to use your basement is to make it into a recreational room with a ping pong or pool table, music and a small refrigerator for snacks. Using a basement in this way is a perfect place for kids to hang out in because it’s safe and fun. A cozy basements can be used by every member of the family to watch movies, do art or just hang out.


If you are searching for a way to add an extra room to your home, then finishing the basement is a great choice. It’s more cost-effective to upgrade an existing room as opposed to building an addition, and there’s less paperwork to file. Depending on the size of your basement it can be partitioned to make more than one room if that’s what you’re looking for. The basement can be turned into extra bedrooms or into a quiet office space.

Things to Consider When Refinishing Basements

  • There are different construction methods when it comes to the way your basement is built: Older homes may have clay or stone walls that aren’t as sturdy as newer materials.

  • Some homes have a crawl space instead of an actual basement.

  • Builders also sometimes use precast panels when they build a home. Precast panels are strong, but they can still succumb to water leakage.

  • Concrete blocks or masonry are often used as an inexpensive basement foundation, but they have a tendency to keep water in their material if it gets in.Am

  • The most common basement foundation is poured concrete, which is a preferred method for builders. Concrete basements are durable and the only way for water to get in is through cracks in the foundation.


No matter what type of basement you currently have, our construction experts can work with you to turn it into a space you can use and even love to spend time in. We can assist you with your basement project. Let us walk you through the process to find just the right design for you.

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