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You may have all the storage space you need, but do you have all of the guest space? If not, sometimes all it takes is an upgrade. From a cozy nook, to a main suite, Sollenne Homes can help convert your house into the warm inviting home that you desire.

Dormer Construction

The Benefits of Dormer Windows

When you construct a new home with dormers or add dormer windows to your home, you receive several benefits. Adding these stylish windows adds distinction and class to the way your home looks. Adding dormers allows people who live in the home to utilize the attic area so no space is wasted. And installing dormer windows brings additional light into your home.

What Should Homeowners Consider When Adding a Dormer Window to their Home?

The Cost of Installing the Window.

An average cost for installing a dormer ranges about $4000. Dormers do increase the useable square footage of your house, however, and may be worth the investment when the house resells.


Dormer Construction Requires Permits.

You’ll need to obtain a building permit before you have your dormers installed. You should plan on the process of getting your permits to take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Dormer construction permits can cost from about $200 to several thousand dollars. As your dormer construction company, we can help you through this process and let you know what to expect.


What are the Different Types of Dormers?

These are the major types of dormer windows used in modern window designs:


  • The gable dormer. This dormer features a triangular roof with equally pitched slopes.

  • Gambrel dormers. Gambrel dormers have a gable at the roof’s peak that descends to two roof slopes. Gambrel dormers have a barn-like appearance.

  • Hip dormers. These windows have three roof planes. All three of these roof planes meet at the same point at the roof’s peak.

  • Shed dormer. The shed dormer has a roof plane that slopes in the same direction as the main roof, but shallower.

  • Eyebrow dormers use a gently curved wave that goes up and over the window with no vertical wall sides.


What Happens During Dormer Installation?

If you’re adding a window to an existing home, one of the goals of your contractor is to keep the time that you have a hole in your roof as short as possible.


Trusses and rafters get built first. Next the contractor builds the exterior frame of the window. Then the window gets installed. Any holes are covered with a vapor barrier to eliminate the time there’s a hole in your roof.


Contact us today to get a quote on dormer construction that can give your home a style upgrade, a boost in value, more space and more natural light!

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